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Stephen Timms MP, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Minister, responding to a DWP impact analysis of the Future Jobs Fund which shows the programme had a net benefit to society of £7,750 per participant, said:
“The truth is now clear for all to see – Labour’s Future Jobs Fund was a roaring success and the Ministers who scrapped the scheme have let down a generation.
“This government inherited a project that was working but they threw it away to make a cheap political point casting young people out into the cold. That catastrophic decision has left Britain with almost a million young people out of work and long-term youth unemployment spiralling out of control.
“Cameron’s jobless generation can’t wait any longer. Ministers must now finally act and start to undo all the damage they have caused. They should start by bringing in Labour’s Real Jobs Guarantee funded by a tax on bank bonuses and get 100,000 of the young people they have abandoned back into work.”

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