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Stephen Twigg MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, commenting ahead of the Pearson Learning Curve Report said: 

“This report shows that after 13 years of investment and reform with Labour, schools in the UK are amongst the best in the world – the second highest performing in Europe.   

“This report says clearly that good teachers are essential to high-quality education. But under David Cameron’s watch, 10,000 teachers have left the profession, and allowed unqualified teachers in our classroom.   

“Michael Gove says that Swedish-style Free Schools are the answer to raising standards but Sweden is 15 places lower than England in this league table. This shows there is much more to school performance than structures. 

“As the CBI report showed, we need breadth and depth in our education system so young people can meet the needs of the modern economy. But Michael Gove’s old fashioned dogma will threaten standards.   

“While we can always challenge our education system to do better, we should celebrate the hard work of teachers and head teachers in our schools. 

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