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Ivan Lewis MP, Labour’s Shadow International Development Secretary, responding to the Government’s decision to suspend aid to Rwanda, said:
“We welcome Justine Greening’s belated decision to suspend aid to Rwanda and to prioritise humanitarian needs in the Eastern DRC.
“We have repeatedly pushed this Government to make it clear that no further payments will be made directly to the Rwandan government until it has ceased all support for militia activity in Eastern DRC.
“It is now important that aid continues to reach the poorest and most vulnerable in Rwanda and the DRC. We support the International Development Select Committee’s report calling for the need to explore alternative channels for aid delivery in Rwanda and to give higher priority to the regional peace process.
"We never accused Andrew Mitchell of being a rogue minister. However, recent developments have demonstrated his decision to unilaterally reinstate budget support to the Government of Rwanda was a serious misjudgement with grave consequences for stability in Eastern DRC and Britain’s credibility."

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