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Stephen Twigg MP, Labour's Shadow Education Secretary, responding to reports that the Government supports Labour's Tech Bacc, said:

"We welcome this u-turn by the Government to supporting Labour's Tech Bacc proposal. When Ed Miliband announced our plans at Labour conference for a gold standard vocational qualification, the Tories rubbished it. Now they say they back it.

"Labour is in touch with what employers demand - high quality skills and knowledge for all young people. The Tories just look confused and out of touch.

"They have spent two years focussed on the wrong thing - tinkering with exams at 16 and have now been forced to back our Tech Bacc because it is popular with businesses and students. But they should ensure that all students can experience quality vocational education from 14 and study Maths and English to 18 which their plans don't guarantee."


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