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Catherine McKinnell MP, Labour's Shadow Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, responding to the Government's announcement of funding for HMRC to tackle tax avoidance, said:

"This funding is welcome, but it's a tiny proportion of the over £2 billion of deep cuts to HMRC that George Osborne has pushed through. If the Government was serious about tackling tax avoidance, they'd rethink their plan to cut a further 10,000 HMRC staff, which risk being a false economy.

"Despite all the rhetoric about tackling tax avoidance, the progress made by this Government is limited at best. The deal struck with Switzerland is less transparent than a similar deal struck with Liechtenstein by the last government.

"The latest NAO report showed what can be achieved when a government is serious about tax avoidance and praises Labour's disclosure laws for closing down avoidance opportunities and bringing in £12bn of extra tax since they were introduced."

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