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Sadiq Khan MP, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, commenting on today’s Ten Minute Rule Motion by Richard Bacon MP calling for the repeal of the Human Rights Act, said: 

“Abolishing the Human Rights Act would leave victims of crime, residents in care homes, victims of phone hacking, journalistic sources and many thousands of others up and down the country without legal protection against abuse by those in positions of power. This is a British Act of Parliament that provides the very foundations for a British Bill of Rights. Those seeking its abolition would be responsible for British citizens losing many of the rights we have protected in law over many years. 

“The Conservative Party attitude is one of ignorance at the achievements of the Act, and instead is focused on the peddling of myths with a dose of fevered anti-European sentiment tossed in for good measure. If they had their way, the Conservatives would put back decades the rights of individual citizens to challenge those in power.”


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