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Johann Lamont MSP, Scottish Labour Party Leader, responding to reports that an independent Scotland would have to reapply to join the EU, said:

"Alex Salmond makes it up as he goes along. He claimed for months he had sought legal advice on an independent Scotland’s place in the EU and then had to admit he hadn’t.

"In the face of all the evidence to the contrary, Salmond claimed Scotland would remain in the EU.

"Now we have a definitive view from the European Commission that an independent Scotland would have to re-apply to join the EU.

"The effect of that on Scotland could be devastating. Scotland could be forced to join the Euro as all new entrants have to. Scotland would lose all the opt-outs gained by UK governments over the years.

"Far from Scotland gaining more power, we would in fact be ceding more power. It would merely be a transfer of powers from Edinburgh and London to Brussels and Frankfurt.

"And while we wait for Alex Salmond’s referendum business and investors have to live with the uncertainty over Scotland’s future which is costing jobs and opportunity.

"It is time Alex Salmond was honest about what Scotland leaving the UK would mean. But Salmond is a man who just can’t be straight with the people of Scotland."


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