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Vernon Coaker MP, Labour's Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, has condemned violence seen in Northern Ireland over the last number of days. After meeting with Alliance Party leader David Ford MLA, he said:

"This violence is unacceptable and without justification.

"The appalling attacks on the Alliance Party, its representatives and property are wrong and need to stop.

"Earlier today I met with party leader David Ford MLA, Naomi Long MP as well as Stewart Dickson MLA, whose office in Carrickfergus was attacked last night. I stand shoulder to shoulder with my fellow public representatives, for democracy and against intimidation, threats and violence.

"I understand that many people disagree with the decision made by Belfast City Council on Monday night. But there is no excuse for the types of scenes we witnessed at City Hall and for what has happened since then.

"I call on those in positions of influence to do everything they can do calm tensions. This must stop now."

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