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Labour has today launched a Policy Review document entitled "Private Rented Housing: Providing stability and affordability for renters and families"

This document sets out new thinking from Labour's Policy Review on giving stability and financial certainty to private renters, including over one million families with children. These proposals would give families and other renters the opportunity to access longer term tenancies allied to predictable rents. 
The private rented sector is now a mainstream tenancy with 8.5 million people in England renting privately. But the sector hasn’t just grown, the type of people living in it have changed too. Of the 3.6 million households, nearly a third are now families with children. 

But the evidence shows the current model of short-term tenancies and unpredictable rent increases just doesn’t provide families with the stability and the certainty they need. 

Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, said:

“Families need stability to plan where they send their kids to school and certainty to manage their household budgets. 

“That’s why Labour is committed to reforming the private rented sector so it works for Britain’s families. With longer term tenancies and predictable rents, the private rented sector will offer the affordable and stable homes that renters need. 

“Families will feel that their rented house is a home and it will help strengthen communities as people put down roots and get to know their neighbours. 

“Labour’s One Nation housing policy offers stability for families, certainty for landlords and strengthened communities.” 

As part of Labour's Policy Review we are looking at the following areas: 

· A private rented sector based on long-termism and responsibility so that families can have the stability and security they deserve. 

· Providing access to longer term tenancies allied to predictable rents for renters and families so they can plan ahead and manage their household budgets. 

· Removing the barriers that stand in the way of longer tenancies and incentivising landlords to offer renters greater stability if they want it. 

· Ensuring that the many responsible landlords who do the right thing are not disadvantaged. That is why Labour will work with the sector to develop a range of possible incentives that will form part of a “something for something” deal for landlords. 



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