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Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary, said in response to the Joint Committee Report on the Draft Communications and Data Bill:

“This detailed and thoughtful report shows the Government is making a complete mess of a very important issue.

“It is important that the police and security services can keep up-to-date with modern technology, but this bill is too widely drawn, is unworkable and gives far too much power to the Home Secretary without proper safeguards.

“As the Committee’s report makes clear this gives too much wide ranging power to the Home Office, provides too little protection for people’s privacy, and no proper safeguards over cost. It is astonishing that the Home Office have had so little discussion with the internet companies who need to deliver this legislation. The Government have been slipshod with this bill from the word go.

“Given the importance of technology in fighting crime, the Home Secretary needs to urgently rethink this legislation and get her approach right so that the police can do their job in fighting crime whilst the public have confidence their privacy is well protected too.”

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