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Kate Green MP, Labour's Shadow Minister for Equalities, commenting on Gingerbread’s research into lone parent flexibilities and the Universal Credit, said:

"So much for Iain Duncan Smith's claim he would support families. This is a potential £70 a week blow to single parents who are struggling to find child care or family friendly hours.

“Mothers of infant school children who have been left by their husbands could now find themselves forced to take full time jobs, evening or night shifts, even if it makes it impossible to do the school run or after school childcare isn't available.

“Those who can't manage to find childcare or family friendly hours could lose £70 a week, even though they are already on the breadline. Single parents of school age children should be expected to look for work and support their families as the kids get older. But by ditching the focus on part time work or child care pressures from the Universal Credit regulations, Ministers have proved once again they have no clue about the reality of working mums' lives."

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