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David Hanson MP, Labour’s Shadow Policing Minister, responding to the announcement today of the proposed police settlement grant, said: 

“It is shocking that despite all the evidence Theresa May is continuing with the 20 per cent cuts to the police that is resulting in the loss of 15,000 police officers. 

“Once again Theresa May has chosen to ignore the warnings from senior police officers, from Police and Crime Commissioners and from communities across the country. It is her decision to cut the police too far too fast that is resulting in the loss of thousands of police officers and staff and a reduction in the number of officers on the frontline by almost 7,000 despite promises she and the Prime Minister made. 

“Not satisfied with this today she has announced further short sighted and deep cuts to the Community Safety Funds that provide the Crime Prevention Programmes across the country. 

“And HMIC are clear it is likely to get even worse. The Metropolitan Police have a funding gap of £233m, meaning more officers are set to be lost. 

“During this consultation period she will have yet another chance to change course and accept Labour’s argument and the expert evidence that a 12 per cent reduction in police spending would be manageable, but 20 per cent is hitting frontline services. 

“The Tory-led Government has no strategy to cut crime, only to cut police officers. Chaotic changes to national policing, undermining police morale and reductions in police powers alongside the scale of cuts are doing serious damage to policing.”

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Tony Lloyd, Chair of Labour Police & Crime Commissioner Group, added: 

“Police forces across the country have already endured painful losses in police numbers and have already undertaken significant savings programmes. But the operation of forces is being impacted by the decisions Theresa May and David Cameron are making. 

“The Police are the public service of last resort and often have to pick up the pieces of the cuts being faced by local authorities and the Health Service and the pressure on them is becoming unbearable. 

“The Home Secretary needs to take the opportunity of this consultation to listen and to change her mind and get a better deal for policing. There is only so much that the staff and officers of the police service in England & Wales can do to stop 20 per cent cuts from impacting on the service the public receive. 

“People need to have confidence in the police and the ability to do the job – they should be supported by the Government and not undermined at every opportunity.”

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