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Ministers must come clean about tax grab on almost seven million strivers

Research by Labour reveals what Ministers tried to hide in the small print of today’s pensions announcement – their plans will see a tax grab on almost seven million hardworking people.

The unravelling of this latest Pensions announcement is the second time this government has been caught trying to hide the full impact of its changes for pensioners following the Granny Tax.

Gregg McClymont, Labour's Shadow Pensions Minister, said:

“David Cameron must come clean about their plans for another tax grab on almost seven million of Britain’s strivers.

“This Government has been caught trying to sneak out another raid on the paychecks of hardworking families already feeling the pinch - this time with a 1.4 per cent hike in National Insurance.

“After two years of dither and delay it has taken under two hours for this plan to unravel and once again it’s people on middle incomes taking the hit.

“It is a measure of the contempt this government has for Britain’s strivers that they have not been honest about the real impact of their changes.”

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