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David Hanson MP, Labour’s Shadow Policing Minister, responding to the Review of Remuneration and Conditions of Service for Police Officers and Staff announcement, said:

"This large reduction to the starting salary of police officers cannot be allowed to discourage the best quality candidates from coming forward.

"There is a real worry that the proposed starting salary for all police officers will damage the ability of police forces to recruit officers of the right skills and experience and directly contradicts the Government’s own wish to limit recruitment to those with 3 A levels and recruit professional people from outside the police.

"The other proposed changes will hit police morale further at a time when the Tory-led Government are making cuts to the police force which go too far, too fast, with the loss of 15,000 police officers by 2015 - I'm pleased there will be more discussion on the issue of severance packages and we will continue to discuss with police forces and staff in coming months what reforms are needed."

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