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Clive Efford MP, Labour's Shadow Culture, Media and Sport Minister, said on the Government's response to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee's report on gambling:

"The government has failed to tackle problems caused by betting shops clustering in areas of deprivation and low income.  They should have taken this opportunity to place betting shops in a separate planning class, so local people would have the power to prevent more betting shops opening on their high street and in their communities if they don’t want them.
"The government is right not to lift the cap on the number of Fixed Odds Betting Terminal machines in any one betting shop. But it is still possible to stake £100 every spin on a Fixed Odds Betting Terminal machine. This must be reviewed along with the time between plays. 
"The government should also consider pop-up warnings programmed into these machines which will remind people how long they have been playing and how much they have staked."

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