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David Hanson MP, Labour’s Shadow Policing Minister, commenting on reports today that the cost of retail crime has risen to £1.6 billion, said:

"Today's figures make grim reading for both retailers and police. This level of crime is clearly under-reported and not recorded, with retailers saying the level of crime is up, the cost of crime up and confidence in police low.

“Retail crime is becoming a much more organised and sophisticated type of crime, but with Tory-led Government cuts meaning 15,000 fewer police and morale at an all-time low the ability of police to respond to or even record this challenge is undermined by the Government's plans.

"We must be able to have confidence in the Government being able to support the police in tackling new or concerning areas of crime. This is not possible when the Government are so complacent about the level of crime and the impact their drastic cuts are having on crime, on retailers and on our communities."

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