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Sadiq Khan MP, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, commenting on Chris Grayling’s words on criminal legal aid, said:

“After almost three years in office, it is astonishing that the Tory-led Government has only just discovered that some individual QCs are earning large sums from criminal legal aid. They’ve done precisely nothing in this time to tackle the high costs of criminal cases, nor have they done anything about wealthy defendants, like Tory donor Asil Nadir, that receive millions in legal aid just because they’ve set aside their assets and pleaded poverty. 

“Let’s not forget that when this Government said they’d make civil legal aid more efficient, it led to deep cuts that left tens of thousands of the most vulnerable in society without any legal support on issues like debt, housing, welfare and family law.

“Through their cuts to civil legal aid, instead of QCs having their fees cut, law centres and Citizen’s Advice Bureaus have been threatened with closures and no-win, no-fee cases have been curtailed leading to access to justice being denied to ordinary citizens.”

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