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Mary Creagh MP, Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary today challenged the Government over allegations that horse meat produced in the UK containing drugs dangerous to humans may have entered the food chain.

Mary Creagh, told the House of Commons:

"I am in receipt of evidence showing that several horses slaughtered in UK abattoirs last year tested positive for phenylbutazone, or bute, a drug which causes cancer in humans and is banned from the human food chain.

"It is possible that those animals entered the human food chain."

Following the questions, Mary Creagh, said:

"Ministers need urgently to set out what they are doing about this situation.  It is clear that the Government’s decision to scrap the National Equine Database has made it harder to trace horses.

"Last week I challenged the Minister about the chaos in the horse passport system and he dismissed by concerns. Phenylbutazone is a dangerous drug that is banned from food for human consumption. Consumers must have confidence that the food they buy is correctly labelled, legal and safe."



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