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Sadiq Khan MP, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, commenting on today’s House of Commons vote in favour of ditching David Cameron’s boundary review proposals, said:

“The result of today's vote means that the selfish and partisan Tory changes to our parliamentary constituencies have been stopped in their tracks by peers and MPs from all sides. David Cameron should try to win elections fair and square and not by moving the goalposts. It would have been an insult to democracy to reduce the number of elected MPs by 50, while over 100 new unelected members of the House of Lords have been created since the last election with another 50 reportedly due very soon. The Government was not proposing to reduce the number of ministers and has broken its commitment to reduce the number of Special Advisors.

“Claims by the Tories that cutting the number of MPs reduces the cost of politics simply don't stack up. The new peers alone cost at least an additional £18 million a year, exceeding the £13.6 million that might be saved had there been 50 fewer MPs with the prospect of even more new peers in the pipeline. The Tories simply cannot claim to be reducing the cost of politics when they are doing precisely the opposite. The Government should be focussing on boosting registration of the missing millions from the electoral register instead.”

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