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Stephen Twigg MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, responding to Michael Gove’s Statement in the House of Commons today, said:
“This demonstrates Michael Gove has a flawed vision for education. He has a total misunderstanding of the country’s needs.
“This is a humiliating climb down. The trouble with the Education Secretary is he thinks he knows the answer to everything. So he digs out the fag packet – and comes up with his latest wheeze. What does it result in? Free schools that don't get built. Scrapping AS levels, which Cambridge hate. EBCs which the CBI say are a mistake. Will Michael Gove now apologise to parents and pupils for this? Having done down their hard work on GCSEs, will he accept that was the wrong thing to do?
“The best thing would be if David Cameron and his Education Secretary went back to the drawing board.”

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