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Michael Dugher MP, Labour’s vice-chair, responding to reports of Nick Clegg’s speech tonight, said:

"Nick Clegg is a poster boy for a politician who breaks his promises and fails to deliver. Clegg and the Lib Dems will be judged for what they do, not what they say - and they are complicit in the Tory record of failure. The Lib Dems are cutting taxes for millionaires while millions of families are asked to pay more, seeing their living standards decline, wages failing to keep pace with inflation and cuts to their tax credits.

"Labour will vote in Parliament for a mansion tax. In government Labour wants to use this to pay for a reinstated 10p tax rate for low and middle earners. Nobody will take a word Nick Clegg says seriously as long as Lib Dems continue back this Tory-led Government with all its unfairness and failing economic policies".


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