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Chris Bryant MP, Labour’s Shadow Immigration Minister, commenting on Nick Clegg’s admission today that the Government has made estimates of the number of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants expected to come to the UK next year, said:

"David Cameron's Government is in a hopeless mess on estimates for the number of people coming from Bulgaria and Romania - contradicting each other on who knows what while at the same time refusing to come clean and publish the figures they've had.  

“They should trust the public's common sense and publish the impact assessment immediately so that we can all decide for ourselves whether the plans in place are adequate.  People are sick of Governments making promises and politicians spouting warm words about immigration but doing nothing.

“What do they take us all for? Pickles says he has seen estimates but doesn't believe them. May says she hasn't seen any estimates. Some say there are estimates but they refuse to publish them. Duncan Smith says he hasn't seen any estimates and thinks they don't exist. The Foreign Office admit they have commissioned research but they refuse to publish it. And now Clegg finally admits that there are 'broad' estimates but that we shouldn't bother our pretty little heads about it.”


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