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Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, responding to the release of Government figures which show an 11 per cent drop in house building starts over the past 12 months, said:
“David Cameron’s failed housing policies are making the biggest housing crisis in a generation worse, not better.
"Nearly 18 months on from David Cameron’s promise to ‘get Britain building’, it’s clear he is failing. We started to build 11 per cent fewer homes in 2012 than the previous year, less than 100,000 homes in the whole of England and only two fifths of what is needed to meet housing need.
“This Government’s failing housing and economic policies are depriving millions of people of a decent home. Young families are locked out of home ownership. Too many are struggling with the choice between paying rent and feeding their families because rents have soared. Too many people presenting as homeless, staying in bed and breakfast and sleeping on our streets. And too many building workers on the dole and young people out of work desperate for an apprenticeship.
“The Government needs to take urgent action to kick-start the economy now, building affordable homes and creating thousands of jobs and apprenticeships which Labour has been calling for.”

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