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Caroline Flint MP, Labour's Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, commenting on the re-announcement of Ofgem's Retail Market Review proposals, said:

“Consumers want fewer and less complicated tariffs so everyone can work out exactly how much they're paying, easily compare different tariffs and ditch the ones that are ripping people off. Any reform to reduce the number of tariffs on offer and make them more straightforward is a step in the right direction.

“Britain's energy market needs a radical overhaul but Ofgem’s proposals are only tinkering at the margins. It is deeply disappointing that after spending over two years putting these proposals together Ofgem has once again ducked the opportunity to really get to grips with Britain’s broken energy market. We need to open up the books of the energy companies, but these reforms do nothing to improve the transparency of the prices these firms charge their customers. Ofgem's proposals do nothing either to stop the secret backroom deals between energy companies or end the ridiculous situation which allows energy companies to generate energy, buy it from themselves and then sell it on to the public.

“Hard-pressed families are sick and tired of David Cameron’s failure to get tough with the energy giants. Unless the Government really reforms the energy market, there’s nothing to stop the energy companies just putting up the prices of all their tariffs. The time has come to create a tough new regulator with the power to open up the books of the energy giants, improve competition in the energy market, and force the energy companies to pass on price cuts to consumers when costs come down.”

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