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Responding to the Deputy Prime Minister's statement regarding allegations against the Chief Executive of the Liberal Democrats, Kate Green MP, Labour's Shadow Minister for Equalities and Women said:  

“After days of total denials - some only hours ago from LibDem MPs Vince Cable and Jeremy Brown - Nick Clegg has now been forced to admit that he did know of what he calls ‘indirect concerns’ about Lord Rennard in his role Chief Executive of the Liberal Democrats.

“Nick Clegg’s statement raises more questions than it answers about his judgement and the willingness of the Liberal Democrats as a party to properly investigate such serious allegations at the time they were made.

 “At issue is not just a series of serious allegations from a number of women, but how the Liberal Democrat Party responded to those allegations.

 “Only with a fully independent investigation can the public have confidence that the truth will prevail and lessons learned for the future.”


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