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Chris Bryant MP, Labour’s Shadow Immigration Minister, commenting on reports today on the rules on entitlement to benefits, housing and healthcare, said:

“This Government has spent the weekend flying more kites than Mary Poppins.

“Managing immigration in a fair way is really important. Yet what we are getting from the Government is just an unseemly reaction to threats from their backbenches.

“In a panicked reaction to Eastleigh they are briefing anything and everything they can think of that they are looking at for the future, instead of properly considered, substantive and deliverable proposals that work for everyone.

“These are important issues and deserve a more considered and coherent approach than that dictated by internal party positioning.

“People want an immigration system that is fair and simple with strong controls and secure borders. And they want a system that works.

“Later this week, the Labour Party will lay out our approach to building an immigration system that works for the whole country.”

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