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Catherine McKinnell MP, Labour's shadow Treasury minister, responding to ONS figures showing construction output in January fell 7.9 per cent year on year, said:

“These are shocking figures, which expose how out of touch David Cameron was yesterday to claim his economic plan isn’t failing.

“We need to kick-start our flatlining economy by investing in infrastructure projects and building thousands more affordable homes. And to get small projects moving too VAT on home repairs, maintenance and improvements should be cut to 5 per cent. These measures would boost growth, create jobs and in the long-term strengthen our economy and help get the deficit down.

“Labour, business groups, the IMF and now even Vince Cable are calling for action to build our way to a strong and sustained recovery. It’s time the Prime Minister and his downgraded Chancellor realised their plan isn’t working and acted before any more long-term damage is done.”

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