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David Hanson MP, Labour’s Shadow Policing Minister, commenting on figures today from police forces suggesting phone calls to the police non-emergency number are going unanswered, said:

"Labour introduced this phone number to ensure that people were able to report crimes affecting their communities and livelihoods, and to get the help and support they needed from the police.

“So even though the calls to this number may not be urgent they are important, so it is completely unacceptable that phone calls are going unanswered and people are being left without the police support they need.

“The Government urgently needs to address this issue and lay out clear plans to restore confidence to the service. Government cuts of 20% were always going to impact the frontline and vital services and this is yet another unacceptable example, the Government and the police must ensure this service is fit for purpose and delivers for people that need it.

“I will be tabling parliamentary questions to get more information and to ensure the Government is doing everything in its power to address this issue."

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