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Maria Eagle MP, Labours Shadow Transport Secretary, speaking after reports that HS2 is already over budget said:

“The Labour Party supports HS2 and wants to see it delivered for the British people in good time and within budget, so these reports are extremely worrying.

"This Government risks squandering the opportunity of HS2 if it doesn't get a grip of spiralling costs and the debilitating confusion than now surround the project.

"With the Government’s plans mired in confusion, judicial reviews and reports of spiralling costs they must answer some pressing questions. If they lose the pending judicial review how much time and money will this cost the taxpayer and how will this affect the time scale for delivering HS2? What is the purpose of a Paving Bill and is its introduction not an admission that the essential Hybrid Bill is stalling? And finally, is HS2 within its budget or have DfT already squandered the money set aside to deliver this vital project?”

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