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Clegg says the Lib Dems are a party of government, so let's judge them on their record - writes Michael Dugher.

Writing for LabourUncut, Michael Dugher MP, Labour's Vice Chair said:

"This weekend, Nick Clegg has declared that the Liberal Democrats are no longer "a party of protest" but are instead "a party of government".  Clegg is keen to stress their record in government and to present the Lib Dems as somehow the custodians of fairness in the Tory-led government.  Indeed, Clegg recently asked people to judge the Lib Dems specifically on their “record of action” in government.  So it is their actions, and not their words, that Lib Dems must be judged on this weekend.

"Before the election he warned about the dangers of a "VAT bombshell" - he then introduced one in government.  The Lib Dems pledged not to increase tuition fees - but then they voted to treble them after the election.  On Tuesday, Labour MPs will vote in the Commons in support of a 'mansion tax' - but now the Lib Dems are refusing to support the idea of a mansion tax on homes worth over £2 million, despite having previously said they would bring in such a tax.
"Far from being a restraining influence on this Conservative-led government, the Lib Dems make it all possible.  The Lib Dems have backed every Tory measure that has made life harder for ordinary working families. They have cut working tax credits for ordinary families at the same time as backing a tax cut for millionaires worth £100,000. They have voted for cuts to Sure Start and for fewer nurses and frontline police officers.  And they have supported the unfair and unworkable bedroom tax that hits the disabled, carers, foster parents and Afghanistan veterans."

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