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Liam Byrne MP, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, responding to changes announced to the Bedroom Tax, said: 

“David Cameron’s Bedroom Tax has descended into total chaos. Today’s announcement doesn’t bring forward one extra penny for victims of this wretched tax.

“Ministers have said nothing today to guarantee disabled children will be protected from his hated Bedroom Tax. The truth is there is only 6 weeks help available for everybody hit and David Cameron mustn’t use smoke and mirrors about how this hated tax will hurt disabled children. They have said nothing to almost half a million households that are home to a disabled person who are set to lose over £700 at exactly the same time as millionaires receive a massive tax cut.

“Today this Government will oppose Labour’s plans today for a Mansion Tax – but they’re pressing ahead with a Bedroom Tax which will hit families with literally nowhere else to go.

“Labour will not rest until Ministers think again, admit they have got this wrong and drop this hated tax for good.” 

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Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, said: 

“For months head-in-the-sand defence ministers have denied there was a problem, but now they’ve backtracked. Ministers’ incompetence has been shown up in this humiliating move. 

“Government embarrassment is matched only by the fact this climb-down does not go far enough to include reservists, whose families could also be hit. 

“The Government’s defence plans now rely entirely on increasing reservist numbers, yet we are not protecting those who protect our nation. 

“Not for the first time, Ministers should listen to Labour and the service community.”


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