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Chris Leslie MP, Labour’s Shadow Treasury Minister, responding to this afternoon’s House of Commons vote on the mansion tax, said:

“The Lib Dems have not only failed to support a straightforward motion calling for their flagship policy of a mansion tax, they actually voted against it. Instead they voted for David Cameron’s amendment which neither called for a mansion tax nor did anything to help secure one.
“Vince Cable is now a busted flush. He writes essays calling for a change of direction and more infrastructure spending but continues to support this government’s failing plan. And he spent years championing a mansion tax but today he, Nick Clegg and the rest of the Liberal Democrats once again betrayed their principles and their supporters.  
“After backing a tax cut for millionaires, a VAT rise and a trebling of tuition fees, everybody knows that the Lib Dems say one thing, but they do another.”

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