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Liz Kendall MP, Shadow Minister for Care and Older People, in response to George Osborne's comments on a cap on social care costs, said:

"George Osborne is still failing older people and their families. Today's minor adjustments to the Government's plan will still leave far too many selling their homes to pay for care.

“Labour supports the principle of a care cap, but Andrew Dilnot recommended a cap on care costs of £35,000 and warned that anything above £50,000 won’t provide adequate protection for people with low incomes and low wealth.

“More than £1.3 billion has been cut from local council budgets for older people’s social care since this Government came to power. Ministers have unleashed a funding crisis in social care and the cap does nothing for people who face a desperate daily struggle to get the support they need right now, with many paying spiralling charges for their care.

“We need a far bigger and bolder response to meet the needs of our ageing population: a genuinely integrated NHS and social care system which helps older people stay healthy and living independently in their own homes for as long as possible. This is what Labour’s policy review will seek to address.”

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