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Catherine McKinnell MP, Labour’s Shadow Treasury Minister, responding to a Public Accounts Committee report on HMRC’s customer services, said: 

“HMRC is facing a number of huge challenges - many of which are of the Government's own making with badly thought through policies such as the changes to Child Benefit. And I fear there may be worse to come, with the introduction of Real Time Information which has incredibly serious implications if it goes wrong. At the same time, they are losing 10,000 staff as a result of £2 billion in cuts pushed through by the Chancellor. 

“Yet it is vital that HMRC does its job properly, as without the money it collects, there would be even less funding to invest in public services. Therefore we need to make sure these announced improvements, such as the switch to non-0845 numbers and restructure of face to face advice services, benefit everyone, but particularly those on low incomes without access to a landline.”

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