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Chris Leslie MP, Labour's Shadow Treasury Minister, commenting on government borrowing figures, said:

“Whatever smoke and mirrors George Osborne uses - including a desperate attempt to delay payments to international institutions so they appear in next year's figures - he cannot hide from the bigger picture of his economic failure.

“The lack of economic growth means George Osborne is now set to borrow £245 billion more than he planned - more borrowing simply to pay for the costs of economic failure. Far from coming down, borrowing is set to be the same next year as it was this year and last year. This cannot be described as a deficit reduction plan anymore.

“After nearly three years it's time the Chancellor realised that without growth you cannot get the deficit down. That's why his more of the same Budget - no action on growth, families worse off and a tax cut for millionaires - will be remembered as a wasted chance to change course before it was too late.”

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