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Chris Bryant MP, Labour's Shadow Immigration Minister, commenting on the pre-briefing ahead of the Prime Minister's speech on tomorrow, said:

"Half of all Councils have local residence requirements and it's right they are able to do so. We will look at the detail of the policy to ensure the Government don't end up messing this up.

"But the test of the Prime Minister's speech tomorrow is not whether he can make overblown promises or ramp up the rhetoric. It is whether he can stop this Government's growing list of practical failings in the immigration system - especially on enforcement and illegal immigration.

"The number of people refused entry to the UK has dropped by 50%, the number of people absconding through Heathrow passport control has trebled, the number of illegal immigrants deported has gone down, the number of foreign prisoners removed has gone down and the number of businesses fined for employing illegal workers has gone down.

"Under Theresa May the immigration system just isn't working - fewer illegal migrants are being stopped or sent back, and everyone faces longer delays. We need a fair system of controls and limits, with stronger action against illegal immigration and a more effective system for the migration we need."

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