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Chris Bryant MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Office Minister, responding to Nick Clegg’s speech on immigration, said:

"There is a big gap between Nick Clegg's rhetoric and the reality of his Government's policy - particularly over their failings on illegal immigration, which is a growing problem.

"The truth is that enforcement action has got worse not better since Nick Clegg became Deputy Prime Minister. The problem of illegal immigration is getting worse.

"His suggestion of a bond, which we encouraged the Government to look at for family visas, was rejected by the Home Office less than a year ago. If they've u-turned we will look at the detail but where is the agreement across Government?

"Since the election there has been a 50 per cent drop in the number of people refused entry, fewer illegal migrants have been deported, more people have absconded at the border, fewer have been caught, and the number of businesses fined for employing illegal workers has gone down.

"Nick Clegg's speech has lots of rhetoric but little delivery. We urge him to pursue more of the practical and workable policies Labour has set out to deal with people's concerns about immigration and to make sure we really tackle abuse and don't just talk about it. Immigration is extremely important for Britain, that's why it needs to be effectively managed and controlled in Britain's interests."

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