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Ministers have been accused of cooking the books on household energy bills, after figures obtained by Labour revealed that the Government’s claim that energy bills will be £166 lower in 2020 is only true if people splash out thousands of pounds on a new appliances such as TVs, fridge-freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and gas-combi boilers.
Caroline Flint MP, Labour’s Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said:

“The Government’s underhand attempt to mask the real impact of its policies on families’ energy bills is shameful. At a time when hard-pressed families and pensioners are seeing their incomes squeezed, only this out-of-touch Government could expect people to fork out thousands of pounds on new TVs, fridge freezers and washing machines.
“Instead of cooking the books to trick people into thinking their energy bills will be lower, Ministers should get behind Labour’s plans to overhaul the energy market and deliver fair prices for the public.”

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