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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, commenting on the judgement on Abu Qatada, said:

“This is an extremely serious and disappointing judgement which rips apart Theresa May's strategy for deporting Abu Qatada and contradicts her repeated assurances to Parliament that her approach would get him swiftly onto a plane.

“According to security experts, the Home Secretary and the courts this is an extremely dangerous man, and we all want him to be deported to stand fair trial abroad as soon as possible and to be held in custody in the meantime. People will rightly be extremely frustrated that the deportation appeal has failed today.

"Theresa May told us last year that the best way to deport Abu Qatada was not to appeal against the European Court judgment but to rely on evidence from Jordan in the British immigration courts instead. She gave very strong assurances to Parliament and the public that this would mean Abu Qatada would be quickly removed from this country and placed swiftly on a plane. But now all that has collapsed as a result of this court decision.

“The Home Secretary needs to explain why she refused to appeal the European Court Judgement that set the framework for today’s decision. She needs to tell us what further work she has done with Jordan to get stronger assurances since then.

"It is right to have protection against torture, and the Jordanian constitution now forbids torture and use of evidence based on torture. However last year's European Court judgement set further requirements on the UK Government and the Home Secretary had the chance to appeal against their decision.

"She was warned of the risks if she didn't appeal the European Court Judgement, and she was warned that more assurances from Jordan might be needed. Now it is clear her plan has failed.

"She also needs to tell us urgently what action she is taking to protect public security since she abolished the control orders that could have been used in this case, and whether Abu Qatada will be walking the streets instead.

“There has been a catalogue of confusion and mistakes over Abu Qatada, including the Home Secretary getting basic dates wrong last year, as well as failing to appeal against the European Court decision. And she has chosen to water down the counter terror powers that might now be needed to deal with this case. Theresa May can't hide behind blaming the Human Rights Act or the European Convention when it is her own decisions and Home Office failings that have made this harder.

"There is cross party agreement about the importance of deporting Abu Qatada and protecting the public. Everyone agrees that the court processes have taken too long. But we cannot afford further confusion or mistakes. The Home Secretary needs to pursue all legal avenues, demonstrate further work with Jordan, take urgent action to keep the public safe, and get this deportation back on track."

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