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Luciana Berger MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Climate Change, commenting on the news that SSE have been fined £10.5m by the regulator Ofgem for mis-selling gas and electricity, said:

"Energy companies must know that if they mistreat their customers there will be a heavy price to pay. For too long the energy giants have been allowed to get away with dodgy sales tactics and rip-off bills. It would be completely unacceptable for the energy bosses responsible for this scandal to get any kind of bonus when SSE announce their financial results later this year. These people should be considering their positions not being rewarded for failure.

"When families and pensioners are facing record energy bills and the big energy companies are making huge profits, the regulator must come down hard on any abuses. We need a One Nation Labour government to break the dominance of the energy giants, protect the public from being ripped off and create a tough new energy watchdog with the power to force energy companies to pass on savings to consumers."


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