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Douglas Alexander MP, Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary, speaking from the Progressive Governance Conference in Copenhagen, said:

"David Cameron's trip to Germany simply confirms that months after his speech on Europe he remains marooned between what Conservative backbenchers demand and what European leaders will accept.

"Cameron's approach is to offer warm words to Chancellor Merkel but that will be cold comfort to his backbenchers.

"Only last week over 100 restive Tory MPs demanded a legislative guarantee in this Parliament to bind Cameron to an in/out referendum.

"Despite Chancellor Merkel's desire for the United Kingdom to remain in Europe, trapped by his rhetoric and his backbenchers, David Cameron still risks sleep-walking Britain towards exit.

"The gap between what David Cameron can deliver and what his backbenchers are demanding continues to widen.

"This may be a European tour from the Prime Minister, but it's anti-European Tories that have driven him to the position he finds himself in today.

"At a time when the game changing trade deal between America and Europe is within reach, Britain should be focussed on securing those jobs and investment rather than putting economic stability and investment at risk."


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