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Jack Dromey MP, Labour's Shadow Housing Minister, commenting on the Government’s plans to back Labour’s proposals to force letting agents to join a scheme to deal with complaints (mandatory redress), said:

"The Government has been forced by Labour into an eleventh hour U-turn to back action for mandatory redress for tenants and landlords. This is a victory for tenants and landlords who rely on agents to rent or care for their property.

“The lettings markets has been described as the property market’s “wild-west”. Labour, together with industry leaders, have been calling for Government action. Thanks to work done by organisations across the sector and by Baroness Hayter the Government has finally been forced to act.

“But redress is only one step in the right direction. It will mean more wrongs can be righted but will do little to prevent unscrupulous agent ripping off tenants and landlords in the first place.

“We also need fundamental changes and stronger protection for renters and landlords. We need up front transparency over letting agents’ fees, safeguards like client money protection insurance and crucially powers to ban all agents who act improperly.”


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