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Chris Bryant MP, Labour’s Shadow Immigration Minister, responding to Theresa May’s comments on Abu Qatada at the Home Affairs Select Committee today, said:

“The Home Secretary needs to take responsibility for her choice not to appeal the European Court decision that she herself has said moved the goalposts for deporting Abu Qatada.

“She instead accepted that judgement and said her preferred strategy would see Qatada on a plane very soon, something we all want to see. A year has passed and her strategy has failed. She not only got her dates wrong she got her legal strategy wrong, allowing Abu Qatada’s lawyers to run rings around her department; allowing further appeals and bail to be granted.

“The Home Secretary, UK Judges and our security services believe this man is a danger to this country and its people, but the Home Secretary now doesn’t feel she can commit to any timetable to get him deported despite her former bombast. We appreciate that the Home Office has applied to appeal to the Supreme Court but the fact of the matter is it is the Home Secretary’s judgement that got us here.”

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