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David Hanson MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Policing, commenting on reports on the alleged leak of expenses claims made by Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner, said:

"The public concern in Cumbria over the actions of the Police & Crime Commissioner needs to be addressed by Theresa May.

"Labour has long said too much power is concentrated in the hands of Police and Crime Commissioners, with too few checks and balances and too much potential for conflicts of interest.

"Policing needs to be impartial and seen to be impartial and the public need to be confident that there are no conflicts of interest involved.

"The Home Secretary was warned that she was establishing a system without enough checks and balances to maintain public confidence or prevent apparent conflicts of interest - she now needs to take action in Cumbria and investigate what has happened.

"The public in Cumbria are understandably very concerned and she can’t simply wash her hands and hide away as usual.

"This is not an isolated example of how the Government’s legislation allows unaccountable behaviour to cause public concern. The sackings and reappointments of Chief Constables, the lack of any checks and balances on PCCs and the lack of transparency in the law is all down to Theresa May’s legislation. The Home Secretary needs to revisit this legislation urgently and implement the greater checks and balances we have called for from the beginning.”


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