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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to the Court of Appeal’s announcement on Abu Qatada, said: 

“A year ago Theresa May promised Abu Qatada would soon be on a plane. Now it is clear her legal strategy has completely failed. The Home Secretary must tell us urgently what she is going to do now to get Abu Qatada deported or tried, and keep him off our streets. 

“Theresa May failed to appeal against the European Court decision last year. It is no good the Home Secretary blaming the Court when she didn't appeal when she had the chance.  

“Instead the Home Secretary went back to square one in the British courts instead, insisting with great fanfare that her legal strategy would work. But she also failed to get sufficient assurances from Jordan to convince the British courts.

“What is Theresa May going to do now? Is she going back to Jordan? Is she going to seek to prosecute Abu Qatada here instead? We need to know as a matter of urgency. 

“We want to see Abu Qatada deported as a matter of urgency to face fair trial in Jordan. The Home Secretary and the courts have said he is a very dangerous man.  

“If the Government has no legal strategy now to deport him, and given that they have also watered down control orders, the risk is that he will be back out on the streets.”


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