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Margaret Curran MP, Labour’s Shadow Scottish Secretary, commenting on the SNP’s plans for currency and monetary policy, said:

“Once again, when faced with hard fact, the SNP can’t offer any answers.
“The SNP are making a promise to Scots that they know they can't keep. Just a few years ago, Alex Salmond said the pound was ‘a millstone around our neck’ and he promised we'd have the Euro in an independent Scotland. But with the eurozone in crisis, the SNP are telling Scots what they think they want to hear.
“The truth is that if the SNP want to establish a sterling-zone it would mean that the power over our budget, our taxes and our interest rates would be in the hands of a foreign country. In short, it would mean losing control of our economy.
“If we leave the UK, we leave the UK pound. Whether it's currency, defence or EU membership, Alex Salmond wants to try to make people think that independence means no change. Scots know this just isn't true.”

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