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David Hanson MP, Labour’s Shadow Policing Minister, commenting on crime figures released today, said:

“We welcome any reduction in crime and we want crime to keep falling in line with the trend of the last 17 years.

“There will be some concern at the rise in theft from the person in these figures, things like pick-pocketing, and growing action is needed around mobile phone theft in cities.

“The ONS has also raised concern about the widening gap between crimes recorded in the survey of the public and crimes reported by the police, and whether that reflects pressures on police budgets having an effect on crimes being recorded by the police. More work needs to be done for the future on the reporting and investigation of growing levels of online crime and economic crimes such as fraud.

“We also know the police are bringing fewer people to justice, fewer people are being arrested for serious offences, 30,000 fewer crimes were solved last year and fewer cases are going to court. We have real concerns that cutting 15,000 police officers is taking a real risk with justice for victims and catching criminals. People want lower crime and also to feel confident in justice if crimes are committed."


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