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Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, said on the latest A&E statistics released today:

“These figures show that A&Es in England remain under intense pressure. Despite repeated warnings, the Government has failed to act and instead tries to blame GPs for its own failings. My message to the Prime Minister is simple: it's time to cut the spin and get a grip.
“Patients are waiting for hours on end trolleys or in the back of ambulances. They don't want lame excuses from Ministers. They want the Government to sort out the mess in the 111 service, stop the loss of nursing jobs and deal with the crisis in social care.
“The NHS is going backwards under David Cameron and there is no surer sign of that than A&Es in chaos.
“A&E is the barometer of the wider health and care system and it is telling us that it is in severe distress and struggling to cope. A&Es across England have failed to meet David Cameron’s downgraded target for 30 weeks.
“What we are seeing are the consequences of David Cameron’s disastrous decision to siphon £3 billion out of the NHS front-line to pay for a reorganisation that no one wanted and no one voted for.
“He has handed six figure pay-offs to managers and P45s to nurses. There are now 4,500 fewer nurses since David Cameron entered Downing Street.
“It's yet more proof that the NHS is not safe in David Cameron's hands.”

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