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Angela Eagle MP, Labour’s Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, speaking ahead of the Queen’s Speech, said:

“We will look at measures on immigration. 

“But the truth is over the last three years they have failed on immigration as they have failed in so many other areas.

“The lesson of these three years and of the recent elections is that people see a country which is not working for them.

“People across Britain see a Prime Minister without direction and a country where things are getting worse not better.

“There are one million young people looking for work.

“The economy is flat-lining, wages are down £1,700 since 2010 and living standards are being squeezed.

“All they hear is David Cameron telling people that they are actually better off, when they know the reality: they are worse off.

“And at the same time, there is one group that is decisively better off: the richest in society.

“No wonder people think the country is going in the wrong direction when the government has given a £250,000 tax cut to someone earning £5 million a year and someone on £25,000 a year is worse off.”


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