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Ivan Lewis MP, Labour’s Shadow International Development Secretary, responding to the Independent Commission for Aid Impact's (ICAI) report on DfID's use of private contractors said:  

"ICAI's report reinforces Labour's concerns about DFID's capacity to effectively oversee these contracts.    

“I urge Justine Greening to implement ICAI's suggested reforms - from procurement to management through to the evaluation of aid programmes - to ensure that DFID is maximising both poverty reduction impact and value for money.  

“The voluntary code of conduct she has introduced is inadequate and will not achieve the changes which are necessary. I am particularly concerned that there is total lack of transparency with regard to bonuses paid to consultants' staff from DFID funding. I would also urge her to introduce standards which require all consultants to show they are promoting environmental sustainability, paying fair taxes in developing countries and ensuring decent terms and conditions for workers throughout their supply chain.”


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